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Having become the go-to tennis brand in Slovakia, and a common everyday footwear style throughout Europe for anyone seeking versatility and strength, key designs from Slovakia’s Novesta have arrived at Always in Colour which present the brand’s vision and signature style. We’ve taken a closer look at the history of the brand and each model to discover the impact Novesta has had and continues to have on the industry.

Known as ‘The King of Shoes’, Jan Antonin Bata began producing practical, comfortable and timeless footwear styles from a new factory he founded in 1939 located in Partizánske, a small town in the middle of Slovakia. Using only the best quality eco-friendly materials such as rubber, canvas and linen he favoured ecological production methods that ensured a high level of durability within each pair, which became signature details of his designs. Following Bata’s death in 1956, it was some time until Novesta officially launched in 1992 with a vision to continue the legacy of his work. It has since become Slovakia’s proudest export and the simple, sophisticated designs are now recognised internationally.

Over fifty years since Bata first began making footwear, each Novesta style continues to be made in the original Partizánske factory using the same machinery, fabrics and local production methods. Recognised as one of the last purely European shoe makers, a focus on creating long lasting classic footwear styles remains at the forefront of the company. A combination of craftsmanship and traditional machinery are used within each step of the manufacturing process, which includes a machine-press technique that joins the natural rubber outsole to the base of the shoe, removing the need for toxic glues which are commonly used within the industry and can be detrimental to the environment. Sitting in line with current debates for brands needing to update their fabrication methods to be more sustainable, this awareness has been present since Novesta’s inception and is naturally presented through the use of eco-rubber, organic cotton canvas and linen which not only reduce the amount of synthetic fibres used but also results in an appealing, durable finish.

As the signature shoe of Novesta, the Star Master Shoes carry a low-key aesthetic influenced by military sports shoes. Simple, versatile and carrying the brand’s famous chunky textured sole, the uppers are made from canvas whilst metal eyelets sit on either side of the laces border and a woven label shows the ‘Trampsky’ logo which marks the design as being a descendant of the original Slovakian people’s shoe. Applied using the same machine-press technique mentioned previously, vulcanisation lines are visible above the textured outsole, which is decorated with an illustration of a mountain explorer, and signifies an authentic Novesta model.

Demonstrating progression within the brand through a more futuristic aesthetic, both the Marathon Shoes and Marathon Vegan Trail Shoes present Novesta’s take on a classic runner style with a smooth outsole, grip focused tread and panelled uppers made from breathable mesh with tough suede overlays. Additional protection has been added around the front of the toes and the inner edge of the ankle is lightly padded with a fabric lining running throughout. Suitable for wear across a variety of terrains, the rubber tread has pronounced teeth that continue up the front of the foot.

Continuing to demonstrate their heritage and focus on quality, construction and style within each of their collections, Novesta offer a piece of history that is in tune with present day and remain one of the most celebrated European footwear brands. Appealing to anyone seeking a minimal trainer style that is consciously made, can be worn throughout the year and will pair with almost anything, Novesta is sure to become your go-to brand.

Introducing: Novesta | Always in ColourIntroducing: Novesta | Always in ColourIntroducing: Novesta | Always in ColourIntroducing: Novesta | Always in ColourIntroducing: Novesta | Always in ColourIntroducing: Novesta | Always in Colour


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