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The Story of the Nike React Sertu Shoes

As part of Nike Sportswear’s latest concept-driven project, which includes the prototype-esc N.354 model and cutting-edge DIMSIX (D/MS/X), the React Sertu arrives with an intriguing aesthetic that combines handcrafted features with innovative elements, whilst paying homage to the brands co-founder William Jay ‘Bill’ Bowerman. Designed under the new ‘THE10th’ label that crosses tried-and-true workwear with Nike innovation, it takes its name from Bowerman’s pre-Nike experiences as part of the Army’s 10th Mountain Division during World War II; the React Sertu represents a homage to the tried and true.

Prior to his innovative career within both footwear design and as a sports mentor, Bowerman was assigned to patrol and partake in combat within tough arctic conditions in the mountains of Italy - receiving a silver star and four bronze stars for his efforts. After being released from his duties he returned to the USA and became head track coach at the University of Oregon. Here he developed and tested a variety of different training techniques - which amazingly included the technique of ‘jogging’ which he introduced to the American market from his prior experiences in New Zealand.

Inspired by this and coinciding with trends for hybrid ankle boots and street style hiking styles seen through the Nike Moc Shoes, the expressive aesthetic of the Nike React Sertu incorporates elements from traditional moccasins alongside subtle military and outdoor influences. No doubt inspiring this next stage within design, the Nike React Ianga reflects a more literal take on an outdoor shoe style, whilst the latest Nike React Sertu models take this idea one step future and have developed elements within its core into a more streamlined lifestyle design.

A high level of detail across both the uppers and sculpted outsole reflect the next generation of experimental footwear and harness’ Nike’s endless energy for revolutionising design. One of two colourways for the season, Nike React Sertu Shoes - Blackened Blue / Black - Sail use a combination of streamlined materials such as suede and leather to create a refined yet intriguing aesthetic with perforation across the top of the toe vamp and subtle embroidery which incorporates the famous Nike Swoosh logo, as opposed to conventional side overlays. A defining feature of the React Sertu, woven fabric holds the cord lacing system which for this edition have been dyed green, blue, red, and brown for a colourful effect whilst the shaped tongue is made from a mixture of suede and a transparent synthetic material with a reflective central insert.

Presenting a more futuristic take on the silhouette with additional texture, the Nike React Sertu Shoes - Faded Spruce / Gunsmoke - Bicoastal use the same fastening system with tonal grey plaiting against a lime green border whilst faux pony hair and leather panels sit on either side of the foot. Developed through pressure map testing and created especially for the modern commuter, both models feature a sculpted Nike React foam outsole built with raised rubber dots that provide reliable traction and a high level of response when in motion, which adds an all-terrain element that complements the intricate aesthetic of the uppers.

Reflecting an ongoing theme throughout Nike’s latest releases which include iconic retro remakes and modern styles that push the boundaries of what is possible within footwear design, the Nike React Sertu carries a blend of technical and more traditional elements that nod to the past, present and future of Nike. Launched at the start of summer this year ‘THE10th’ label is set to continue to introduce more hybrid styles that reflect the best of lifestyle, streetwear and performance influences. 

The Story of the Nike React Sertu Shoes | Always in Colour

The Story of the Nike React Sertu Shoes | Always in Colour

The Story of the Nike React Sertu Shoes | Always in Colour

The Story of the Nike React Sertu Shoes | Always in Colour



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