Gatare #86 Coffee Collaboration

One of our favourite aspects of having a physical home for Always In Colour is the sense of community and collaboration it brings. Our next door neighbours in Exeter at the Exploding Bakery are widely regarded as the region's finest coffee makers and incredible bakers. Over the last five years they have progressed from humble origins to master their crafts, replacing their ambition and 'youthful arrogance' with experience and care. We are friends and we are fans and we like very much being neighbours.

As coffee appreciators we are always looking to be excited and transformed by a cup. Sourcing, roasting and brewing are skills we lack but appreciate, which brings us to the third part of this collaboration and the Round Hill Roastery. Following a very similar narrative to the Bakery, Round Hill have been passionately increasing their operation and output as premium roasters since 2012, forging relationships that span the coffee growing world. We three have come together to curate, roast, brew and enjoy coffee together, a limited special edition collaboration that is running as the guest bean at the Exploding Bakery and available in special 250g take home bags from us all for your home brew rig.

About the coffee.

Name: Gatare #86
Origin: Gatare Washing Station, Nyamasheke district in the West of Rwanda.
Variety: Red Bourbon
Processing: Fully washed
Crop year: 2017

Sensorial information: You can expect to sense; Rhubarb, black tea and fruit and sweet nuts in combo. Floral, elegant and full of intense jammy fruit.

Always In Colour coffee collaberation.

Always In Colour coffee collaberation.